Exotics: Tibetan Curly Lamb; South American Long-Hair Goat, & Vegan Fur Bags

OUR Tibetan Curly Lamb bags are irresistible!  You may be compelled to pet it for the first several days, if you acquire one.  Curly lamb looks a lot like alpaca, but is a bit different texture and length.  Very light weight to carry and the bag melds to your body.  Backed with codora,  they are soft and supple.  Our design features one with Embossed Leather and Tibetan Lamb on front side and Cell phone pocket on backside.  The strap is both comfortable and adjustable.  Color play, texture play and flat out functionally comfy - we LOVE this bag in color and neutral.  Pretty sure you will too!  This is OUR Bag - we designed it and make it right here in the United States of America.
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