The American Cowboy Hat

The cowboy hat is the most recognizable piece of clothing in the world and represents the traditions and values of the iconic American Cowboy. These traditions and values are why American Hat's goal for the next 100 years is to continue to provide the finest quality, American-made hats to you!

The American Difference

Only one cowboy hat can live up to the standard of style, quality, and durability you expect from an American-Made product, and that is one made by American Hat Company.


American Hat Company takes great pride in designing new weaves and shipping the majority of our hats with an open and flat brim so you can have your hat custom shaped to reflect your own individual style.


American Hat Co’s process for making cowboy hats is hands-on all the way through production. Each one of our hand-woven hats is put through a rigorous inspection process before it is shipped.


Our straw hats are double lacquered and double pressed, while our felts are hand finished, making them the most durable hat on the market today. Come rain, mud, or shine, you can stand tall and proud in your American Hat.
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